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Rock Papa

2019 1080P 1h 34m 3

The movie is a road parent-child comedy. Qin Yong plays a rock singer Hei Meng. He married the film star Wang Xinyu and had a daughter in his most brilliant career. He could have been happily living for a long time, but he was addicted to music and character. The weirdness caused his wife to leave with his daughter. After the divorce, Black Dream experienced the multiple blows of being blocked and being terminated by the company and fell into the trough of life. Afterwards, with the help of his agent and daughter, he started a journey of self-driving style in Yunnan. Eventually, he returned to the stage to create miracles and also gained Affection, love and friendship.

Director: Chen Qiuzhu, Pitt Wang

Genre: Drama, Family, Music

Cast: Jia Shuhan, Qin Yong, Tian Wa, Wang Erya


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